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Collection, registered Recycling and Exploitation of used Packaging material

ADP packaging waste management service organizes and controls the newspaper and magazine returns of local and national distributors as well as publishers.

ADP offers a certified paper recycling service providing simple and fast solutions in compliance with environmental standards and the new regulations on privacy and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The paper and cardboard collection service can be used by every public or private organization, which requires the disposal of large amounts of documents.

ADP takes the responsibility for the correct material disposal, the transport to the warehouse and all activities related to ensure the correct paper and cardboard recycling process.

ADP deals with the sale of collected paper and coordinates the commercialization of collected goods to companies as paper mills occupied with the recycling and conversion of such products to their reuse.

ADP packaging waste management servece also offers a collection service for plastic packaging, such as magazine shrink-wraps, polyethylene film, and all types of plastic that can be treated for recycling.

For whom is this service made?

The service is open to any institution, company or person requires to eliminate paper and cardboard and who must dispose of plastic packaging such as

  • Accountancy offices
  • Courts
  • Business
  • Libraries, schools and universities

  • Every public and private organization
  • Hospitals
  • Every public and private organization